We are called to reach out to the poor, help the hurting, and preach the Gospel of the Kingdom of God.

Jesus spent His life on earth caring for needs and preaching the Kingdom of God. His instructions to His disciples were very simple: Follow me! We believe in taking that command literally. We are called to care for the poor, help the hurting, and preach the Gospel. When our fellowship first formed in Germany in the early 1700s, we were known for going into surrounding towns and actively preaching the Gospel. In the late 1800s, with doors opening in unreached countries, we along with many other churches became more involved in various mission pursuits around the globe. As our brethren watched these efforts progress into the 1900s, they became concerned. Many groups who were heavily involved in foreign missions were drifting away from basic New Testament teachings. As a result, our brethren began to draw back from organized foreign mission programs. Today, we have a desire to be active in evangelism and yet maintain Christ’s teachings.

We believe that the church is to be active in our world, taking the Gospel to the lost, teaching them to follow Christ in daily life, and ministering to the needs of all people. We believe this is best accomplished through personal interaction and by local churches demonstrating Jesus collectively to a lost world and continuing to plant more churches. We currently have brethren working in various countries translating the Bible, relieving and teaching those in material poverty, and providing training to local pastors and churches.