The Testimony is a monthly publication available to all.

Statement of Purpose

The Testimony is a Christian publication intended for those who desire nourishment in their spiritual walk, and for writers who wish to express witness to the Truth of the Gospel as experienced in their own lives. It holds the Holy Scriptures to be its only Creed. Its purpose is to bear witness to the Truth of God's Word as it is applied in the daily life of committed Christians. It supports the anabaptist and pietist foundations of the Brethren of Schwarzenau, Germany (1708) including the biblical principle of the community of believers bound by a confession of faith in the Lord Jesus confirmed by adult immersion baptism (Mark 16:16). It strives to promote a life of true living piety among all who confess Jesus as their Lord. It seeks to restore and maintain a fellowship of true primitive Christianity through the communication of all good things.


Authors of essays, devotionals, poems, etc. are asked to review the Statement of Purpose above. Articles should be based on scripture. References are appreciated. Shorter focused articles are more desirable than articles that move from one topic to another. Selected material will be considered. Original writings are preferred. It is recommended that writers submit themselves to the Spirit, which reveals the will of God to the Church in every age, according to the varied needs and circumstances.

Written articles should be legible. Typed material is preferred and should be double-spaced. Electronic transmission or CD will be accepted. The author's name and address must be included on all material. An attempt will be made to contact the author of articles that are not accepted.


Subscriptions should be made through the congregational contact or through The Testimony office. Subscription price is $20.00 per year. New subscriptions should be paid (prorated) through the remainder of the current year. All renewals begin at the first calendar year. Newly married and those unable to pay for a subscription may receive a free subscription through the agent of their local congregation.


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You can find all the archives of the Testimony (over one year old) stored in the Resources section on this website. Here is the link to access the archives:


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