Maple Grove - With Notes

May 24, 2020

10:00am - 12:00pm

7524 Agenbroad Rd., New Carlisle, OH 45344 (Maple Grove Meeting House)

Eastern Time Zone
Call in to Service
712-432-3990 pin 45315
For questions contact: Mark Flora 937.368.3064

Please take note:

  • Although we appreciate brotherhood and do not wish to discourage visitors, we suggest that invitation to the first couple of meetings be limited to Maple Grove and our local friends. This will give us a chance to see what space we have left over in the meeting house to safely accommodate additional visitors from other districts.
  • We encourage you and your family to arrive at the meeting house together.  Ushers will greet at the door, allow a manageable number of us (at one time) in the foyer, and seat us in the sanctuary. 
  • We propose that we sit as families and allow the ushers to seat us to ensure safe distancing. If singles are comfortable, come into the meeting house with extended family or others who you have already been around and exposed to.
  • The ushers will dismiss us orderly after the service is over.  Those who are comfortable socializing can do so in the foyer, while respecting the desire of those who would like to leave quickly to avoid unnecessary contact.
  • We caution against handshakes, hugs, and the salutation for this time.
  • The restroom doors will be propped open to avoid using this handle. Drinking fountains will also be off limits for these May meetings.
  • If it makes you more comfortable, please wear a protective mask.
  • We plan to start the meetings at 10am, but please be a little early in case the ushers need a little extra time to get us all seated.

We also want to encourage those who are uncomfortable with meeting or have any potential sickness symptoms to utilize the call in lines. We want to caution against making any sort of judgment against others preferences in this time.  We have never been here before and we are all working through these challenges prayerfully.

We do look forward to worshipping with you “in person”!

Published by Mark Flora

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