Mt Zion 8-12-18

August 12, 2018

10:00am - 12:00pm

Hopewell Township Park

Phone: 712-432-8787 ID: 17268#
For questions contact Leslie Bowman: 717-729-0850

The Hopewell Township Park is located between Newburg  & Shippensburg on Pa. route 696 (Shippensburg Rd.) @ 218 Shippensburg Rd., Newburg, Pa.  

Directions:  Most of us will be going north.  Use I-81 exit 24. Proceed north on Pa. 696 into & thru the metropolis of Shippensburg.  About 5.2 miles from King Street (US route 11) you will cross a small bridge.  Continue on 696N another 4 tenths of a mile to park on your left.  Go all the way to the back & then to the right to pavilion #3.  Unfortunately there is no A/C.   The seating is picnic tables (like at Pine hill)

If coming from further north (Berks county), your GPS may send you off I-81in the Carlisle area & down Pa 641 toward Newburg or you could exit I-81 north of Shippensburg & take Pa. 174 to route 11 south to 696 north (& follow above).

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