Mt. Zion - Canceled

March 22, 2020

10:00am - 12:00pm

No Location

With respect to the current elevated concerns and restrictions pertaining to the Coronavirus in our nation, the Mt Zion servant body has prayerfully considered how to proceed under the current government guidelines on this issue.
We have concluded that we would temporarily replace our regular worship services with small group worship. Each of us can join with our current Bible study groups on Sunday as we meet this need together, until further notice. We recommend the first couple on the list to organize this first service. Please be found in prayer, scripture reading and song to our heavenly Father as the Holy Spirit leads.
It would be wise to continue to heed the advice of health officials, of limited physical contact like we observed last weekend.

Your Servant Body

For questions contact Leslie Bowman: 717-729-0850

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