Stillwater Eve Special

June 06, 2021

6:30pm - 8:00pm

5401 Salem Bend Drive, Trotwood Ohio

Special service for young folks like we normally do at Conference

Everyone is welcome especially the ministry

For the respect of everyone wishing to attend our worship service at Stillwater, we ask any household that is experiencing any ill symptoms to use our call-in line and refrain from attending our open worship service.

Also, we recommend that we respect social distancing for any of those who are not comfortable with it yet.

We can use basement if necessary to accommodate extra seating space.

Live Services can be heard on Midwest Conference    712-432-8787, Conference ID 45426#.

Services are recorded.  To listen to past services in the 1st week, call 712-432-8788 ID 45426# then 0#.   If after the first week of the live service, instead of 0#, after dialing Conference ID, use the date of the service you want as the sharing number in the following format.  2-digit month (06), 2-digit day, (09), 2-digit year (20) then #.  No space or punctuation between numbers.         Any questions, call Marvin Huffman at 937-231-0997

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