Cutler Ridge Thanksgiving Service

November 25, 2020

7:00pm - 8:30pm

3621 S St Rd 75, Cutler, IN 46920 (Cutler Ridge Meetinghouse)

Eastern Time Zone

Call in to Service
712-432-8787 pin 460651#
For questions about call line, contact Chad Kuns at 765-202-2820‚Äč.

Please take note:
To ensure the safety of others and to follow the "Guidance for Places of Worship" for Indiana, the following is recommended:
1. Anyone who has an underlying "at risk" health issue, or is 65 or over, should consider staying home.
2. Ask guests to sanitize hands before entering building.
3. Implement non-contact greeting.
4. Avoid handing out material. Hymn books and Bibles will be removed from back of benches.
5. Establish safe protocol for money collection.
6. Place hand sanitizer in high contact areas.
7. Disinfect high contact areas regularly.
8. Drinking fountain, fellowship hall, and kitchen should not be used during services.
9. Ensure 6' between individuals or family units of the same household during service. Space and mark seating, alternating rows when possible.
10. Dismiss service in a way that supports social distancing.

Trustee's Cutler Ridge recommendations:
1. Please enter the meetinghouse using front door only.
2. Please respect social distancing when entering and exiting meetinghouse.
3. There will be tables with hand sanitizer for your use.
4. The fellowship room and drinking fountain are off limits.
5. There will be a trustee available to answer your questions if needed. 
6. The benches will be spaced to respect social distancing.  Please choose seating to allow social distancing.
7. After services, please exit the meetinghouse as soon as the service is over.
8. We also want to encourage those who are uncomfortable with meeting, or have any potential sickness symptoms, to utilize the call lines.

Thank you,
The Cutler Ridge Trustees

Published by Peggy Flora

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