Immergrun Awareness Meeting

Posted on January 15, 2020 for Lower Twin by Kevin Deaton in Fellowship News, All Congregations

We are hosting an awareness meeting for anyone who doesn't have medical insurance, and is a part of a health sharing plan. ( Brethren Assurance, etc) With the challenges that some of our assurance groups are facing, we feel like there may be an option to help reduce costs. Immergrun is a nonprofit organization that can help negotiate the cost of medical procedures, and works with Anabaptist groups exclusively. We plan to have an Immergrun representative give a presentation of the history and workings of this organization, and have a time of questions and answers. 

When: January 22, 2020 @ 6:30 PM 
Where: Hillcrest Baptist Church 
3469 Hillcrest Road 
Richmond, IN 47374 

Contacts: Dirk Crosier 937-572-8849 or Kevin Deaton 937-572-2227

Immergrun Brochure Download