Midwest Conference Broadcast on Covid-19 Virus

Posted on March 20, 2020 for Stillwater by Marvin Huffman in Fellowship News, Meeting News, All Congregations

There will be a Coronavirus Awareness Talk on Saturday, March 21, 2020, starting at 8.30 PM EST, about the Covid-19 Virus being presented by two men who have done their research. One of them is a veterinarian and the other is a medical doctor.  This is primarily to inform the Anabaptist, Amish-Mennonite community.  He invited us to listen if we would choose to.

The call-in number is 712-432-3950 Pin 111414#.  Because it will be a large call, it is highly recommended that you dial in 20 minutes before the call begins.  When the 712-432-3950 number gets full, it will be locked down and you will not be able to call into it. There will be 2 backup call in numbers with pins; the first backup number is 1-712-432-8787 Pin: 111414# and the second backup number is 1-712-432-8773 Pin: 111414#.
This will be a factual call and we are not able to remove all the negative part from the facts, but we will try to end up on a positive note.

All of our church districts are individually making the decision to cancel or not based on their individual understanding of government requirements and the need to fellowship. I would like to encourage our servant bodies to consider holding preaching service at a home or in a meeting house with 10 or less  people and the social distancing as is being asked for & using our conference line setup that almost all districts have to broadcast the message to all who would want to call in. With cell phones, we almost all have these & could easily accomplished this.

The district or districts willing to do this can be published on this OGBBC website by a news item and or the calendar post. The Modesto Congreation is currently scheduled to do this on Sunday the 22nd, based on their calendar post. We all need to have encouragement to realize that God is still in control in this world and in heaven.  

For your consideration.

Marvin Huffman